BBC: Patrick Jarvis Interview

Around the Rings: Patrick Jarvis: IPC Can Become 'Model Organization'

By: Kevin Nutley (ATR) International Paralympic Committee presidential candidate Patrick Jarvis says “more is possible” when it comes to promoting the Paralympic Movement.

IPC presidential candidate Patrick Jarvis (Jarvis)

“I think that we can work towards being that model organization,” Jarvis tells Around the Rings in an exclusive interview. “When I say model organization, that not only focuses on what we do but how we do that, and specifically, how we do that is through truly reaching out to engage and act as good partners moving forward.

Inside The Games: Jarvis stresses commitment to addressing Para-athletes' classification concerns

International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Presidential candidate Patrick Jarvis has spoken of his desire to continually develop the body’s Athlete Classification Code in a bid to address what he considers to be one of the biggest issues of concern for Para-athletes.